More and more Czech consumers drawn to Black Friday sales

Photo: Kristýna Maková

Czech consumer interest in Black Friday has continued to go up, this year including several large chain stores taking part. On Friday e-shops in the country are dropping prices on some items by as much as 80 percent and sale prices should continue throughout the weekend, followed by Cyber Monday.

Photo: Kristýna Maková
Black Friday, for many shoppers, is impossible to ignore, with not only e-shops but more and more stone-and-mortar shops venues, including large chains stores, taking part. The head of the DPD direct parcel distribution firm Miloš Malaník told Czech Radio that the number of packages sent as the result of Black Friday jumped by as much as 40 percent.

“We prepare for the increased demand over this period at the beginning of the summer. We know what’s coming, and hire seasonal employees, couriers, part-timers and others, while meeting the boost in business with technology.”

Black Friday officially kicks off the consumer Christmas fever, with sales as high as 80 percent off. But Petr Kovacik, the head of the price search engine, warns customers not to lost sight and to be careful about what they buy.

“Announced sale prices are 80 or 90 percent off. But consumers should count on the fact that the maximum amount is only for the very cheapest items. Far more common, is a drop of about 20 percent on goods, especially expensive items such as a TV or fridge. Clothes meanwhile, generally see prices lowered by 30 – 40 percent.”

Jan Vetyška, the head of the Association of E-Commerce in the Czech Republic, add that buyers should at well-known online sites, which have been tested or rated by consumers or with who they have previous experience.

“Check who you are buying from 100 percent, generally pre-Christmas and druing special events or offers. Consumers should stick with online shops they know well. I would not buy from an e-shop where there is little information available.”

According to RTB House, online sales in the Czech Republic during Black Friday go up by some 35 percent, which is comparable to other parts of Europe.