Study: Czechs becoming increasingly charitable

Czechs are becoming increasingly generous in giving to charity, suggests a new poll carried out by the Ipsos agency for the Association of Social Responsibility, a Czech corporate and social responsibility NGO.

The survey, published by the daily Hospodářské noviny, shows that despite the epidemic, 41 percent of Czechs, contributed to charity last year. That is five percentage points more than in the previous year.

According to the survey, Czechs were most likely to buy a product, the proceeds of which went to a good cause, donate items or make a financial contribution to charitable causes.

Some 47 % of the respondents said it was important to them that more and more companies were involved in socially responsible activities, while 66 % agreed that companies should focus on the environment at their place of business. 69 % of those asked also declared that companies should support socially responsible activities.

Women were more likely to contribute to charity supporting children (62%) and animals (48%), while young people contributed to charities supporting the environment (26%).

The outcome of the survey also suggests that an increasing number of people prefer to donate money on-line. In 2020, some 53 percent of people donated online, compared to 42 percent who donated money in cash. In 2021, the ratio was 61 percent to 34 percent.

Czechs also like to support charity through donation text messages. Last year, 26 percent of people made a donation through a text message, while this year, their number increased to 31 percent.

Most people, nearly 50 percent, donated a sum of 500 crowns to charity last year. Some 23 percent donated up to 1,000 crowns and 29 percent donated a sum exceeding 1,000 crowns.

Despite the positive trend, the Czech Republic still lags behind the rest of Europe in charity donations. According to the annual Global Giving Trends 2020 study, an average of 43 percent of Europeans donate regularly, while only 14 percent of Czechs do so.