Students prefer Prague


Apparently Prague is not just a favourite destination for the millions of tourists who descend on the city each year, but also for the majority of students in the Czech Republic, who have rated it as the most popular place to study in the country. A report co-sponsored by Prague's School of Economics found that the capital is the preferred choice, for reasons ranging from increased employment possibilities, a livelier cultural and social scene to the fact that more courses are offered than elsewhere. The report looked at 24 towns and all 14 of the country’s regions, and Prague was found to score consistently strongly. Jamie Brindley spoke to several students from different academic institutions in Prague, to get their opinions on life and studying in the city.

"My name is Goran, I'm studying at the Charles University, at the Institute of Economic Studies. I'm a second year graduate student majoring in finance and banking, our institute offers a masters degree in English."

"Would you say that one of Prague's strengths is that it offers more courses and better courses than other Czech cities?"

"I would definitely say that Prague would be the top choice. What I like about Prague, especially at our institute, is that you have this familiar atmosphere there. You have better opportunities to get to know each other, and to make contact with the professors and also with the sponsors of our school, and then the opportunity to find the right job for yourself is, I would say, much easier than elsewhere."

"Maybe we can move now to our second person..."

"Hi my name is Jan, and I study at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. I live in the north of the Czech Republic in Liberec."

What made you decide to study law in Prague, as opposed to in Liberec?

"There is a university in Liberec, but there is no Law Faculty there. I think that this faculty is the best in our country, so I hope to graduate from the faculty in the future!"

Aside from the course and the university, what do you think the city itself has to offer young people and students like yourself?

"There's definitely more culture for me here than in Liberec. Theatres, clubs and pubs. Living for young people is better here."

Now we can move to our third and final guest, another student...

"Hi, my name is Šárka Bejčková, I come from Brno, and here in Prague I study Adult Education at Jan Amos Komensky University."

What made you move from Brno to Prague to study here?

"Well, I think, it's because I am studying at a private university and I can only find my field of study here in Prague."

So you can only find you speciality here, it wouldn't be possible in Brno.

"Yes, and also because before I came here I was living in foreign countries, and I find that Prague is also more international for me."

What are the highlights of living in Prague? What do you think it has to offer students?

"Well maybe its the wide range of cultural events and the libraries."