Stories from Ukraine exhibition in Hradec Králové targeted by vandals

The exhibition Stories from Ukraine, which features three burnt out cars destroyed during the ongoing war in the Eastern European state, was the target of vandals in Hradec Králové, the director of the East Bohemian branch of the NGO Memory of Nations, Michal Bureš, told the Czech News Agency on Friday.

Mr Bureš said that some of the pieces of the cars were taken and that one of the vehicles was sprayed on with the words “Stop propaganda, Dombas”. There have also been calls to Hradec’s city hall asking that the vehicles be removed as they are making the city’s surroundings unpleasant, with some locals apparently planning to do this by themselves if the authorities do not, the NGO representative said. However, many of the inhabitants have taken a positive view of the installation, laying down flowers by the vehicles and lighting candles.

Stories from Ukraine is a traveling exhibition that is currently being exhibited in Hradec Králové until December 6. It will thereafter move to the Moravian city of Olomouc.