From steep slopes to winding waters: The five most picturesque Vltava River viewpoints

View of the Vltava River from Albert Rocks

Join Radio Prague International on a tour of the most beautiful Vltava viewpoints, which are freely accessible and ideal for day trips.

The Vltava River, with its 430.2 km, is the longest river in Czechia. In the middle and lower reaches, between the Lipno reservoir and the mouth of the Elbe, it flows through a varied landscape, often forming deeply-incised valleys. After the construction of the main part of the Vltava Cascade in the 1930s-1960s, the difference between the terrain on the banks and the river level in the canyons was reduced by several tens of metres, but an impressive combination of steep slopes and tens to hundreds of metres of wide flow was created, with impressive views from above.

There are countless places from which to admire the Vltava, but there are several dozen better-known viewpoints, which can be reached by a marked or at least trodden path and often have their own name. These are usually sites of other interest, either from a natural or cultural point of view (rock formations, rare plants and animals, castles).

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