Some foreign students unnecessarily undergoing repeated vaccinations against Covid

Some foreign students in the Czech Republic are repeatedly vaccinated against Covid-19 because the vaccines from their home country are not recognized by the Czech authorities, the rector of Mendel University said in a press release. Rector Danuše Nerudová said that in order to be given accommodation in student dormitories foreign students must have a vaccination certificate or undergo weekly tests, which are expensive. Although many have been vaccinated by the same vaccines as used in the Czech Republic, the Czech authorities do not recognize certificates from their home country and so many simply undergo inoculation again, getting as many as four vaccines overall.

Rector Nerudova criticized what she called the absurd stand of the Czech authorities, and called for the problem to be addressed. She said about a hundred foreign students from Ghana, Zambia or Georgia faced this problem. There are currently about 1,600 foreign students at Mendel University in Brno. The Ministry of Health has published a list of countries from which it recognizes vaccination certificates.