Record number of Czechs happy with the state of the country’s economy

Illustrative photo: Jaroslav Mach

A full four-fifths of Czechs are happy with the state of their country’s economy, the highest rating from the public in 23 years, according to a survey conducted by the CVVM polling agency.

Illustrative photo: Jaroslav Mach
Asked to assess the state of the Czech economy, along with that of nine other European countries, 78 percent of respondents gave the economy high marks placing the Czech Republic third on the ladder behind Germany and Austria.

The share of positive ratings is the highest since 1997 (when CVVM started conducting such surveys regularly) with only 20 percent of Czechs taking a negative view of the economy. The surveys have shown growing trust in the economy since 2014. In a previous survey in January 2017, 71 percent of respondents rated the economy positively with 28 percent taking the opposite view.

The polling staff also asked Czechs to rate the economic level of nine other selected countries - Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia. The largest share of positive ratings was given to Germany with 94 percent and Austria with 92 percent. The Czech Republic was third, outstripping neighboring Slovakia, which received 66 percent of positive ratings. For Bulgaria and Romania, which ended up bottom of the ladder, negative opinions prevailed. Romania, which came last, scored only 13 percent of positive ratings while 76 percent of Czechs viewed the state of the country’s economy negatively.