Radio Prague's "pirate" New Year's programme

You can't read Radio Prague's "pirate" New Year's programme on the Internet - but you can listen. And you should! Learn what "really" goes on at Radio Prague perhaps not everyday, but at least every New Year's. It's Radio Prague behind the scenes (yuck)! Jan Velinger and co. take you through a spoof of life at the station through sketches like "Swedish meatball sandwich" and "Rammstein aren't Czech". Happy New Year's - December 31st!

This is Radio Prague's most refined "pirate" New Year's programme to date - only for refined tastes. Sketches were written and mixed by Jan Velinger and presented by Jan, Pavla Horakova, Brian Kenety, and Dita Asiedu. The programme was recorded two days before New Year's but we still had a little champagne, and it was a good excuse as any to get drunk. Happy New Year's faithful Radio Prague listeners!