Prime minister suing Černošice town hall over renewed infringement proceedings against him

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš is suing the town hall in Černošice, the municipality where he lives, over its decision to start new infringement proceedings against him on suspicion of conflict of interest linked to his ownership of the media companies Londa and Mafra.

The Černošice council previously debated the same case on the basis of a complaint filed by Transparency International, concluding that the prime minister had a conflict of interest and meting out a 200,000 crown fine for the offense. The prime minister appealed the decision and his appeal was upheld by the regional council of Central Bohemia.

The Černošice town hall recently initiated new infringement proceedings against the prime minister after Transparency International said it had new evidence in the matter. Transparency filed a complaint with the Černošice council because Czech law states that conflict of interest complaints must be registered with the relevant local authority.

According to the prime minister’s lawyer this is in violation of the ‘ne bis in idem' principle which states that the judiciary may not decide twice about the same issue.