Press: Police accuse ex-PM Petr Nečas of perjury in BIS leak case

Police have accused former premier Petr Nečas (Civic Democrats) of perjury in a case relating to a leak of classified information in 2013 by a top aide who later became his wife, the news server reports. The scandal had helped topple his government.

In November, a Prague court found insufficient evidence to convict his wife Jana and two other defendants of leaking information sourced by the counter-intelligence agency BIS. Police now say Nečas gave false testimony to support her defence. If found guilty of perjury, he could face up to three years in prison.

In 2017, Nečas’s wife Jana (née Nagyová) was found guilty of abusing BIS information when she headed Nečas’s office but was given a suspended sentence. She had illegally instructed the agency to monitor the premier’s then wife, Radka.

Author: Brian Kenety