Prague's riverside resort opens nudist beach

První pražská písečná pláž

Last month we reported on the reopening of Prague's popular recreation spot Zlute lazne or the Yellow Spa on the Vltava River. Although the last few days have not been ideal for swimming and sunbathing, the good weather forecast for the weekend is sure to draw many people to the Yellow Spa and its new attractions - among them a brand new nudist beach.

It was opened there specifically at the request of the visitors, as Libor Votruba of the Yellow Spa told Radio Prague.

"We asked our visitor if they would be interested in some new things here at our resort and a nudist beach was a kind of priority for a lot of people."

How large is it and is it protected in any way?

"It is protected by a fence and it's approximately 500 square metres large."

Is it very popular with your visitors?

"Well, since we opened the nudist beach we haven't really had nice days but still there are always ten or twenty people there."

And who are they mostly?

Photo: CTK
"All kinds of people - young, older, it is mixed."

You mentioned a fence protecting the nudist beach but how about from the side of the river - can they be seen from the river?

"Well, they can be seen from the fence if you're standing right next to it because the fence is only like 1.5 metre tall. But you can see them very well from the river if you rent a boat or something like that."

Speaking of boats, visitors can rent motor boats now at the Yellow Spa...

"Yes, we have a new service for our clients. We rent motor boats, slow motor boats which anyone over 18 years can use and drive. They can rent it and they can see Prague from the river which is very interesting for many people. Also not many people had the chance to drive motor boats in the past."

As of August, you'll be offering other activities at your resort, like language courses, it that right?

"Exactly. Since the 1st of August we are opening language courses for English, Spanish and German."

And will they be open also to the nudists?

"No, we request the nudists to put on some clothes if they leave the nudist beach."