Prague wants amicable agreement on Slav epic

The city of Prague has said it wants to come to an amicable agreement with the city of Moravsk ý Krumlov over Alphonse Mucha’s Slav epic. The two city halls are at odds over the fate of the precious art collection after Prague city hall attempted to get it moved to Prague’s Veletržní Palác art gallery. However local authorities in Moravský Krumlov, where the Slav Epic has been housed for over half a century, have heeded a call from Mucha’s heirs to bar anybody from handling it. The ban will remain in place until uncertainties surrounding a 1913 contract granting the city of Prague ownership of the art work have been cleared up. Alfonse Mucha donated the 20-painting collection to Prague on the condition that the authorities built a dedicated home for his late masterpiece, a condition that remains unfulfilled. On Sunday around 1,000 people demonstrated against it being moved from Moravský Krumlov, where it is the biggest tourist attraction.