Prague through the eyes of a newborn child

I always find myself walking down the streets daydreaming. A few days ago while walking home, I woke up from my dream. There in Kampa Park in Prague's Lesser Quarter - just in front of me - were some bizarrely awkward statues looking like human benches.

I felt quite puzzled, smiled for a moment, and kept on going my way .

Passing the Charles bridge, I saw more statues, as well as street performers and the devil - or at least a man dressed with horns. It all appeared rather strange to me.

The setting sun added a touch of mystery.

Passing from one street to another, I could see the smiles of the freshly arrived visitors gazing at the city. No matter where I looked, where I passed, I could see these faces filled with expectation, I could hear their excitement, their thirst for new experiences.

Prague is the scene for a piece of their story. And what a scene? Prague has many secrets to tell.

Turning left I found myself on Husova Street. A small and narrow lane, which we may pass a hundred times without seeing what is hidden there. It was many months before I happened to look up, and see high up, close to the roof at one end of the street, a peculiar statue of a man hanging from a pole. A comic detail in this ancient part of town!

I have always fell amazed by this city. At every corner, you may discover something you've never seen before.

Having lived here for nearly two years, I always find myself looking, contemplating and gazing with the eye of a new born child. Everything strikes me.

Wandering further on my way, on Na Prikope Street, two entwined metal faces draw my gaze.

I arrive close to Wenceslas Square where a row of robots and a crashed Superman tickle my imagination.

This puzzles me! The smiles, the giggles of the newly arrived visitors, echo to me.

Are they giggling at this awkward city, filled with surprises, that slowly reveals her mystery.

More than her architectural beauty, it is those details, those surprises that she reveals from day to day. Prague may seem all perfect but all those endless discoveries make every new day a new journey.

These voices echoed in my mind. I could understand the visitors' sudden excitement, and I could not help thinking of all those surprises, they still have no idea of.

To all those freshly arrived in Prague, I wish the pleasure of these everyday adventures.