Prague City Hall to look into possibility of constructing new metro line

Future Metro O

Prague could have a fifth, circular metro line in the future, which would offer connections to many of the city’s important districts, the Czech News Agency reports. On Wednesday, City Hall approved the commissioning of a study that will look into the possibility of constructing Metro O, as the line has been dubbed.

Current state of Prague metro | Photo: Zirland,  Wikimedia Commons,  CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

Earlier this year, Prague City Hall also presented its newest plan for a fifth metro line that would encircle the city centre and connect many well-known districts such as Vršovice, to Prague’s metro grid. The line would also offer a stop at Slavia Prague’s Eden, the country’s largest football stadium, and interconnect with the A-D lines.

Prague City Hall Councillor for Transport Adam Scheinherr told the Czech News Agency on Wednesday that the city has commissioned a study that will look into the options of constructing such a line.

Adam Scheinherr | Photo: Vojtěch Havlík,  Prague City Council,   Wikimedia Commons,  CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED

The study is expected to cost around CZK 30 million and will take about 36 months to complete. Mr Scheinherr said that the document will not just contain a proposal for how and where the line should be built, but also analyse and evaluate the feasibility of such a project.

According to earlier information provided by City Hall, the new line would lead from Nádraží Podbaba through Dejvice, Smíchov, Dvorce, Budějovická, Vršovice, Žižkov and Vysočany to Čakovice in the north of Prague. In the second phase of construction, the line would then re-connect with Podbaba, with five further stops being added across the north of the city. In total, the line would have 23 stops and be around 36 kilometres long.

Metro D currently under construction | Photo: Czech TV / Prague City Hall

City Hall says that it will commission a tender for the study this autumn.

The Prague Public Transit company is currently constructing a new D metro line that will run from Pankrác to Písnice.

Visualization of future Nemocnice Krč  (Krč Hospital) station on the D line,  designed by Jiří Černický | Photo: Jiří Černický