Polish parents adopt "Baby Radio"

In Poland a group of parents and radio professionals have launched a novel media outlet. They call it Baby Radio. A radio station for babies, toddlers and small children.

BabyRadio.pl broadcasts to children up to 7 years of age. The transmission consists of children's music, mainly Polish, but also classical masterpieces, fairy tales, bedtime stories and lullabies. The program is supposed to foster the development of kids. It is perfectly suited to the child's daily rhythm, because it is run by experienced parents - radio people who came up with the idea of Baby Radio. Piotr Zamojcin is one of the pioneers:

"The idea originated in the heads of two fathers - it was my friend and me - and we involved our wives. We are a group of people who work in the biggest radio groups in Poland and we decided to start something on our own. There was a lack of stations like this on the Polish radio market."

And so the parents started to work on the schedule. They already had a lot of good content at hand, because they had been playing music and good stories to their kids before the idea first came to their minds. So the radio is actually tested on their own kids, continues Piotr Zamojcin:

"When the idea first appeared in our minds it was because we had been trying to feed our children with music and some short stories, playing them CDs. An idea appeared - why not do it for many people, if our children become better listening to the great music, especially made for them. This is why we say that the radio is tested on children. Our children passed the test."

The kids love Baby Radio and so do parents. The idea seems to be catching on splendidly with more and more families tuning in to feed the youngest with some valuable and entertaining content. The creators of Baby Radio have ambitious plans for the future. They would like to involve more experts in child psychology and education. But obviously, all the upgrades require money. Piotr Zamojcin again:

"Now our product is completely without commercials, we treat is as our investment for the future. But we are thinking of having commercials in the future, because everything costs - from the broadcasting to royalties for the things we use in our program."

It took over a year to construct an optimal schedule with programs and music and finally launch the project. To test the final product, go to babyradio.pl.