PM’s advisor Roman Prymula dismissed for attending football match

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has fired his advisor and former minister of health, Roman Prymula, for attending a football match between Slavia Prague and the English club Leister City on Thursday evening.

Mr Babiš said Prymula’s presence at the match at a time when football fans are banned from stadiums due to the Covid-19 crisis was highly inappropriate. Apart from Mr Prymula, the event was also attended by other public figures, such as MEP Alexander Vondra, the President’s Chancellor Vladimír Mynář, or the head of Czech Television Petr Dvořák.

Roman Prymula was sacked from the post of health minister for a similar transgression - he was photographed leaving a restaurant at a time when it should have been closed within the government-imposed restrictions.

Author: Ruth Fraňková