Photographer Jan Saudek gets own permanent gallery in Prague

Jan Saudek

The world famous Czech photographer Jan Saudek has just got his own permanent gallery near Prague's Old Town Square. It features over 100 works by the photographer, who is a remarkably youthful 71. I caught up with Jan Saudek briefly at the thronged opening and asked him: why his own gallery?

"It's my gallery in name only. The gallery is the property of the company which holds my name [], but it is not mine . But I am extremely pleased to have something I had never dreamed of in all my life. It is very unusual to have a gallery and to be still alive. I believe that I am still alive."

Here there are about 100 photographs on display. Are they all for sale and are they in large series?

"I didn't arrange this show, but from what I have seen it seems to have some...sense to me. I believe that each one should tell some story. And this is a show of single photographs."

I see you have the titles in English - have you always written titles in English?

"Many years ago my English was almost perfect. But within 35 years I have lost a lot of knowledge...Originally I wrote in English because of the secret police. None of them could read it. There were some...for money I wrote 'bread' or 'dough'. Even now in this free country I still use this nonsense, which is not necessary any more."