Opposition parties to support Rusnok cabinet in Wednesday’s vote of confidence

The opposition Social Democrats will support the caretaker cabinet of Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok in Wednesday’s vote of confidence. The decision, made by the party’s broad leadership, is seen as a defeat for party leader Bohuslav Sobotka who was against giving the Rusnok cabinet legitimacy and a victory for his main party rival deputy chair Michael Hasek who argued in favour of supporting the caretaker administration in the interest of maintaining stability. The party leadership’s recommendation to deputies is not without conditions; the party will continue to push for early elections and wants to start negotiations on curbing the powers of the president in the event of a political crisis.

The Communist Party and Public Affairs have also pledged to support the Rusnok administration. Even with the votes of all three opposition parties, the administration’s chances of winning Wednesday’s confidence vote remain slim.