News Sunday, AUGUST 06th, 2000

Those were the headlines and now the news in more detail:

CNB welcomes failed attempt to curb its independence

The Czech National Bank has welcomed the Senate's rejection of a law which would have curbed its independence. The proposed legislation, which was jointly drafted by the governing Social Democrats and their opposition-allies of the Civic Democratic Party , would have given the government the right to take part in decision making regarding the set inflation target and the bank's monetary policy. The government would likewise have acquired the right to propose candidates for the bank's board of directors which would be appointed by the head of state. Its critics say the proposed law is in violation of certain articles of the Constitution and a spokesman for the Czech National Bank has expressed the view that by this vote alone the Senate had justified its role on the Czech political scene.

Rapist arrested

The police have arrested a man believed to be the serial rapist responsible for 11 attacks against young women in southern Prague in recent weeks. The thirty two year old man is said to have owned up to nine of the attacks in question. The news has evoked a huge wave of relief among the inhabitants of that quarter and has helped the credibility of the Prague police force which has been under severe criticism for not issuing a public warning much sooner.

Brown bear put in captivity

A brown bear who has been killing farm animals in the Beskydy mountains of northern Moravia has been captured and placed in captivity. Since the bear is known to have a voracious appetite forest-rangers and vets opted for metal cages with a trap-door and put out a feast for the expected visitor. After a week of waiting, during which the bear avoided their particular larders, it finally got caught in the early hours of Saturday morning. The bear had been plundering nearby farms, stealing sheep, rabbits and chickens but it had not attacked a human being. The bear is to be placed in one of the country's zoos.

Finally, a look at the weather

Sunday should be a fairly warm though overcast day with drizzle in places. Day temps between 19 and 23 degs C.