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State Veterinary Authority: slaughtered cows not infected with BSE

The State Veterinary Authority has said none of the 274 cows slaughtered as part of measures following a recent case of BSE was infected with the disease. The spokesman said none of the animals, from a herd in Lomnice nad Popelkou, was carrying mad cow disease. The authorities are overseeing the gradual slaughter of all herds where BSE has been confirmed. The country's eighth confirmed case of BSE was announced last week.

Kinsky loses third property appeal in Decin court

Franz Ulrich Kinsky, a descendant of the Kinsky noble family, has lost a third court case court in the northern town of Decin involving property confiscated after the Second World War. The court rejected Mr Kinsky's claim that he was the rightful owner of a local recreational area. Franz Kinsky has filed a total of 157 lawsuits against the Czech state, asking the courts to declare him the legal owner of property including country homes and woodland. Most of the property was confiscated after 1945 from Mr Kinsky's late father, an alleged Nazi sympathiser who died before the war. However Mr Kinsky says the property belonged to him, not his father, and the confiscation was therefore illegal.

Police recommend dropping charges against machete-wielding psychiatric patient

Police in Prague have recommended dropping charges against a mentally ill man who attacked his psychiatrist with a machete. Police said the charges against the man, who attacked and seriously injured the psychiatrist at his surgery, should be dropped on grounds of criminal insanity. They said the man should receive psychiatric treatment instead. The State Prosecutor's Office said it was still examining the case. May's attack caused shock throughout the medical community, who have demanded changes in the law to ensure better protection for health care workers.

Police officers accused of assault on Romany men in bar

Three police officers have been accused of assaulting a group of Romany men in the East Bohemian town of Dobruska at the weekend. The accusations were made by witnesses to the incident, which took place in a local gambling bar. The witnesses said the officers had attacked the men without the reason. However a police spokesman said the officers themselves were assaulted and that coercive means were only used after the men became aggressive. He said one of the men broke several panes of glass with his head while being restrained at the local police station. The men face charges of assaulting a police officer and hooliganism.


Tuesday will be mostly cloudy, with fog or light rain in places. Daytime temperatures will range from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius, falling at night to lows of 1 degree.