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Civic Democrats' annual party congress

The annual congress of the opposition right-of-centre Civic Democratic Party, held in the Moravian town of Luhacovice, came to an end on Sunday. The conference mainly saw sharp criticism of the coalition government and personal attacks on Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla and his deputies, held responsible for what the opposition called the coalition's "anti-reform and pro-corruption" programme. In an address to his colleagues, Civic Democratic Party Chairman Mirek Topolanek said the ruling coalition is harming the country and it ought to be the opposition's priority to find legal ways of bringing it down.

Two more Iraqi children arrive in Prague

Two more children from Iraq arrived in Prague on Sunday where they are expected to be treated for burn injuries. The six year old boy and eleven year old girl suffered burns from their stomachs down to their thighs and have been flown to Prague to undergo plastic surgery as part of a seven million crown humanitarian programme under which seriously ill Iraqi citizens are offered free medical care in the Czech Republic. Sixteen children have already benefited from the programme. Eight of them were flown back home on Saturday after undergoing successful heart operations.

Dienstbier: Georgia's future uncertain after veteran leader's downfall

The former Czech foreign minister, Jiri Dienstbier, expressed great concern over Georgia's future on Sunday, saying that chaos would rule the country with or without Eduard Shevardnadze's resignation. The President of Georgia declared a state of emergency on Saturday after opposition activists seized control of parliament, calling for his resignation. President Shevardnadze was expected to address the inaugural session of the new parliament elected this month in a poll. Opposition leaders accused the authorities of stealing the poll and have led protests since November 2, claiming it was rigged. Eduard Shevardnadze said on Sunday he was willing to talk with protesters if they left the parliament building but main opposition leader Mikhail Saakashvili said it was "too late" for talks. Mr Shevardnadze has been President of Georgia since November 5, 1995.

Ritter attacks Bush government at AVA conference in Prague

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has sharply criticised the policy of United States President George Bush in Iraq. Speaking at a three-day conference of US expatriates in Prague, Mr Ritter said the decision to wage war on Iraq was based on lies and the US should pull out of the country immediately. The conference, which began on Friday, was organised by the American Voice Abroad (AVA) organisation. Its main goal was to form opposition to the Bush administration's internal and foreign policy.


Monday is expected to be foggy with temperatures reaching a maximum of nine degrees Celsius.