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Former head of Bar Association likely to be appointed justice minister

It appears that the former head of the Czech Bar Association, Karel Cermak, will be appointed as justice minister. Mr Cermak confirmed on Wednesday that Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla had asked him to take the post and said he would be willing to accept. It is expected that the prime minister will announce his choice to succeed Pavel Rychetsky on Friday. Mr Spidla has had a great deal of trouble finding a replacement for Mr Rychetsky, who stepped down last month; the prime minister is currently himself acting as caretaker justice minister.

Police arrest animal rights campaigners over border blockade

Police have arrested animal rights activists who blocked the Chotebuz crossing on the Czech-Polish border in north Moravia in protest at a truck carrying live horses. Around two dozen activists demanded on Wednesday that vets inspect the animals, which they said were not being transported humanely. A spokesperson for the animal rights campaigners said they would continue their protests in the future.

British want Czech military police to stay in Basra, Iraq next year

The commander of the British-led international division in the southern Iraqi city of Basra has requested that Czech military police in the city remain there next year, the Czech defence minister, Miroslav Kostelka, said on Wednesday. Mr Kostelka said it was likely his ministry would ask the cabinet to extend the police's stay in Basra as requested. There are currently 79 Czech military police officers in Iraq. A spokesman for the Defence Ministry said the Czechs were not viewed as negatively by Iraqis as their American and British counterparts.

Sudeten Germans angered by statements by German foreign minister in Prague

The Sudeten German Landsmannschaft has strongly criticised statements made by the German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, on a visit to Prague on Tuesday. Mr Fischer praised recent conciliatory statements about the post-war expulsion of Czechoslovakia's German minority by Czech President Vaclav Klaus and the prime minister, Vladimir Spidla. The leader of the Landsmannschaft, Bernd Posselt, said on Wednesday that Mr Fischer's comments distorted historical truth and undermined Czechs who were trying to honestly come to terms with their country's past.

Price of natural gas to fall in October

The price of natural gas is to go down from October, the Czech Energy Regulation Office announced on Wednesday. Gas will be 3.1 percent cheaper for households and an average of 3.6 percent cheaper for other customers. The cuts are a result of the favourable exchange rate of the Czech crown to the US dollar, which makes importing natural gas cheaper.

Woman charged with robbing, killing men she picked up in restaurants

Police have arrested a woman suspected of murdering two men. The woman, who is 38 and comes from north Bohemia, was arrested on Friday in the town of Decin. Police say she robbed and killed two men in Prague in May and August and met both of her victims in restaurants in the city. A police spokesperson said on Wednesday that they had never come across such a case before. The woman was previously convicted for murder in 1983.

Sparta Prague through to lucrative Champions League football competition

Sparta Prague football club have succeeded in qualifying for the biggest event in club football, the Champions League. Sparta reached the prestigious and lucrative competition after drawing 2:2 with Macedonian club Vardar Skopje on Tuesday; that result was enough to put them through after a 3:2 win in the first leg.


Thursday should be partly cloudy with the chance of rain in places. Temperatures are expected to range from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.