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No new nuclear plants, says new Czech environment minister

The new Czech minister for the environment has said he wants the controversial Temelin nuclear power plant to be the country's last. Environment Minister Libor Ambrozek said in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday that he would ask the government to adopt an energy policy that includes the complete phasing-out of nuclear power. Mr Ambrozek said he wanted to focus on renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric and wind power. However the minister said Temelin would remain operational, despite protests from anti-nuclear groups in neighbouring Austria and Bavaria, who claim the plant is unsafe. The Czech Republic has two nuclear power stations, Temelin, launched last year, and Dukovany which has been operating since 1985.

Austrian Freedom Party welcomes Czech nuclear comments

A senior member of Austria's far-right Freedom Party reacted quickly to Mr Ambrozek's comments, saying anti-Temelin activists had been given fresh hope in their battle to have the plant shut down. Hans Achatz, head of the party's parliamentary club in the upper house, described Mr Ambrozek's remarks as a "huge step in the right direction."

Village falls quiet again as illegal techno festival ends

The village of Andelka in North Bohemia fell quiet on Wednesday afternoon, as a six-day illegal festival of techno music came to an end. Some 12,000 people had attended the Czechtek festival, which featured sound systems playing dance music 24 hours a day. Local officials are now clearing away the large amounts of rubbish left by festival-goers. Despite complaints from some residents about the noise, police say there were only minor incidents and a handful of arrests.

Government programme not ready until Monday

The final wording of the government's programme for the next four years will not be ready until Monday, just one day before it is submitted to the lower house of parliament for approval. A member of the government's press department said the cabinet had not approved the programme at its meeting on Wednesday, explaining that the document still had to be completed. The new centre-left government enjoys a majority of just one seat in the lower house.

Bad weather frustrates Czech attempt to swim Channel

Bad weather has frustrated an attempt by two Czechs to swim the English Channel. Petr Mihola and Richard Haan were forced to abandon the crossing at around 2am on Wednesday morning due to heavy rain and stormy seas. They say they will make a second attempt tonight. The two men first tried to swim the Channel three years ago, but were forced to give up due to bad weather.


And finally a look at the weather. The hot and sticky weather is set to continue on Thursday, with daytime temperatures reaching 28 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists say there's a good chance of storms and hailstones in many parts of the country. Temperatures at night will fall to lows of 15 degrees.