News of Radio Prague

Anarchists against neo-Nazism

A demonstration of anarchists in the town of Nachod, in north-eastern Bohemia, is reported to have passed without incident. Some 40 anarchists marched through the streets of the town in protest against an alleged growing neo-Nazi movement in the region. A number of local Romanies joined the protest action spontaneously. One of the organizers of the anarchist demonstration told the CTK news agency that neo-Nazism was not only on the rise in Nachod -it was seeping into high politics . He said he had reason to believe that one of the neo- Nazi newspapers published in Nachod was supported by a certain high placed town official with extreme right wing views.

ERRC says Romanies still discriminated against in the Czech Republic

The European Roma Rights Centre has submitted a report on the problems of the Roma community in the Czech Republic to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. The report says that Romanies in the Czech Republic are still subjected to racist violence and racial discrimination which is present in almost all spheres of public life. The report by the European Roma Rights Centre is one of several sources on the basis of which the UN Human Rights Commission will assess the Czech Republic's adherence to the International Convention on Civic and Political Rights.

Anti-Temelin activists find new platform

Austrian anti-nuclear activists plan to demonstrate against the Temelin nuclear power plant at the Salzburg summit of the World Economic Forum . A spokesman for the anti-nuclear lobby told the CTK news agency that the planned protest actions would be "peaceful but effective". The three day summit of the World Economic Forum is due to open on Sunday and anti-nuclear activists plan to launch their three day protests at Salzburg's main railway station. The Czech Republic is to be represented at the summit by the chairman of the Lower House of Parliament Vaclav Klaus and Prague's mayor Jan Kasl.

President Havel admires "active civic society" in Switzerland

At the end of a two day official visit to Switzerland, President Havel expressed admiration for the well-functioning Swiss local administration system saying it could serve as a model to Czechs. The Czech President said that he greatly admired the fact that the Swiss people, similarly as Americans, were what he described as "an active civic society". "The Swiss care enough to take on a lot of responsibility for local affairs, they are members of various associations and give these causes a great deal of their time and energy. This civic involvement is something we have not yet achieved and it is an important aspect of democracy," the Czech President noted.

And finally a quick look at the weather: Sunday is expected to be partly cloudy with scattered showers and day temps between 18 and 22 degs C.