News of Radio Prague

Opposition agreement to last until general elections

The ruling Social Democrats and the main opposition Civic Democrats have agreed to stick to their power-sharing pact, removing a threat that the government might collapse before next year's general elections. The two parties held lengthy talks on the future of the controversial deal, which keeps the minority government in power. The governing party secured continued support from its main rival by promising to outline public finance reform as well as pension system reforms, which are both suffering from large deficits.

Czech towns hoist Tibetan flags to support the oppressed nation

Many towns and cities throughout the Czech Republic have hoisted Tibetan flags to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Tibetan uprising, which was crushed by China. Since regaining freedom in 1989, Czechs have been joining the international event Flag for Tibet to express sympathy with oppressed nations and support for Tibetan independence.

Defence Ministry to optimise defence spending

The Czech Defence Ministry has decided to reconsider major defence programmes so that the Czech republic is able to fulfil its obligations stemming from the country's membership of NATO. Defence Minister Vladimir Vetchy said although the Czech Army has made significant progress in integrating with NATO structures, there were still some major tasks to accomplish. In order to achieve them, the ministry wants to make sure defence spending is efficient. Mr. Vetchy estimates that the Czech Army will be comparable to the rest of NATO within ten years.

EIA on Temelin made public

The Czech government has made public a large number of documents concerning the controversial nuclear power station in Telemin, South Bohemia. The government posted documents, diagrams and maps from the plant's environmental impact assessment on the Internet. The whole package is 35 megabytes large, which is an equivalent of approximately 17,000 typewritten pages. The new independent environmental impact assessment which is to be completed by next month, is a vital part of an agreement between the Czech and Austrian governments. Temelin's reactor number 1 is supposed to begin full operation in June, start-up of the second reactor is planned for autumn next year.

Chvalovsky back home from Swiss trip

The chairman of the Czech football association, Frantisek Chvalovsky has returned to the Czech Republic. Chvalovsky, who faces charges of large-scale fraud, was released from custody on bail last week and left for Switzerland. Chvalovsky was reportedly looking for ways to repay his debts amounting to around 17 million USD.

Czech weather forecast

And finally, let's take a look at the weather. We are expecting a partially cloudy day with occasional showers, the highest daytime temperatures on should range from 8 to 12 degrees Celsius. The beginning of next week should be also cloudy with scattered rain showers, and afternoon highs up to 15 degrees Celsius.