News of Radio Prague

Agricultural firms take action against foot-and-mouth disease

Czech agricultural firms have agreed to take strict measures to avoid the possible spread of foot-and-mouth disease. According to the State Veterinary Authority, Czech firms rearing pigs or cattle have accepted the introduction of measures to prevent the movement of animals between farms. Hygiene regulations for farm workers have also been tightened and access to all farms will be restricted. The State Veterinary Authority has also stated that on Tuesday the Ministry of Agriculture will debate whether to disinfect all cars entering the country if any cases of foot-and-mouth disease are reported in any member country of the European Union on the mainland. Strict measures are already in place at Prague's Ruzyne airport for British tourists.

Spain gives support for Czech EU membership

During talks on the second day of a three-day visit to Spain by Czech Prime Milos Zeman, Spain's prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, has expressed his full support for Czech EU membership. According to Mr. Aznar, Spain is fully and unreservedly in favour of EU expansion, and wants the Czech Republic to be amongst the first wave of new member states to join the Union. The Czech prime minister was also received by the Spanish king, Juan Carlos, who, according to Mr. Zeman, also expressed his support for Czech membership of the EU in the first wave of expansion.

State prosecutor wants prison sentences for seven skinheads

A state prosecutor in the South Bohemian city of Ceske Budejovice has called for prison sentences for seven out of twenty three skinheads on trial for an attack on members of the Roma minority. The attack took place while members of the local Roma community were celebrating in a restaurant. The twenty three accused are charged with attacking the restaurant with bottles and stones, during which they allegedly chanted slogans such as "Gypsies to the gas chambers and "black bastards". Six Romanies were injured in the attack. The state prosecutor has also proposed that twelve of the accused receive three-year suspended sentences, and the remaining four, who were under the age of eighteen at the time of the attack, receive a minimum of 300 hours community service. According to the state prosecutor, it has been clearly proven in court that the accused had committed a racially motivated crime.

Chvalovsky to stay on as head of Football Association

After extensive discussions with the executive committee of the Czech and Moravian Football Association at the weekend, Frantisek Chvalovsky, who is currently being investigated for large-scale fraud, has retained his position as the president of the association. The association's executive committee apparently rejected an offer from Mr. Chvalovksy to step down, and proposal calling on him to step down until the investigation against him has been completed. Mr. Chvalovsky was released on bail on Thursday, and faces charges of fraud amounting to 640 million Czech Crowns, or 17 million US dollars.

And finally, a quick look at the weather forecast.

Tuesday should see clear to partially cloudy skies, with patches of fog during the morning. Daytime high temperatures are expected to reach as high as six degrees Celsius. Night-time lows on Monday could drop to as low as minus seven degrees Celsius.