News of Radio Prague

Austrian ambassador holds meeting with Czech premier

As the controversy continues over remarks made by Czech Premier Milos Zeman about Austria's far-right Freedom Party, the Austrian ambassador to Prague, Klaus Daublebsky, went to the north Bohemian town of Usti nad Labem to meet Mr Zeman. Joerg Haider's Freedom Party is currently holding a petition aimed at vetoing Czech accession to the European Union if the Czech Temelin nuclear power plant is not closed down. Mr Zeman said on Monday that the sooner Austria got rid of "Haider and his post-fascist party the better." The Austrian ambassador said he wanted to relay the opinion of Austrian Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner to the Czech prime minister - she has said that Mr Zeman's remarks amounted to interference in Austria's internal affairs. Mr Daublebsky is also expected to make an official protest to the Czech government about Mr. Zeman's statements.

Freedom Party slams Benes Decrees

Meanwhile, Austria's Freedom Party has said that Czech accession to the EU should be vetoed for another reason - the continued presence of the Benes Decrees on Czech statute books. Under the decrees German speakers were expelled from Czechoslovakia after World War II. The Freedom Party's Johann Herzog said on Wednesday his party would only support Czech accession to the EU if the decrees were abolished.

Policeman receives suspended sentence for shooting bystander dead

A policeman who shot a bystander dead during a car-chase in the central Bohemian town of Melnik was given a two-year suspended sentence by the local District Court on Wednesday. Officer Vladislav Patera was also fined 50,000 crowns, or around 1,350 USD. He has been allowed to stay in the police force but has been forbidden from carrying a weapon for five years. Mr Patera fired two shots at a stolen car during a chase last July. One of the shots hit a 46-year-old woman, who later died of her injuries.

Tests show chocolate contains salmonella

Tests by the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspectorate have shown that "Merci Finest Selection" chocolate bars on sale in the Czech Republic contain salmonella. The company that produces the chocolate has been ordered to withdraw all stocks immediately.

Flat-mate of TB death man charged with endangering life

The flat-mate of a 36-year-old man who died of tuberculosis at Christmas could face charges of endangering life through neglect, a police spokesperson said on Wednesday. The victim tested positive for TB at Prague's Vinohrady hospital and the doctor on duty recommended that he be taken to the city's Bulovka hospital. The victim's flat-mate persuaded the doctor that an ambulance was not needed, saying he would take the patient to Bulovka by car which he then failed to do. Police are also investigating whether the doctor was guilty of neglect.


And finally the weather. Thursday should be cloudy with snow showers in places and temperatures between minus five and zero degrees Celsius.