Czech Republic ranked as human trafficking destination country in US State Dept report

The US State Department has again ranked the Czech Republic as a source, transit, and destination country for human trafficking. The report outlines as dominant the trafficking of women and children from countries which include Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Vietnam, for purposes of prostitution and sexual abuse. Also outlined is the problem of interior trafficking of Romani women. In 2004, the Czech Republic tightened legislation against traffickers as well as broadened a pilot programme helping victims nation-wide. In 2004, 30 cases of trafficking in the Czech Republic were investigated, with 19 going to court. 12 people involved in trafficking were convicted - up from 5 the previous year.

Activists light candles outside Chinese Embassy

Human rights activists lit candles outside the Chinese Embassy in Prague Friday to mark the 16th anniversary of the massacre in the centre of Beijing in Tiananmen Square in which hundreds were reported killed and injured, with hundreds imprisoned. Friday's commemorative event in Prague was organised by the Olympic Watch and Amnesty International. About thirty people attended Friday's event which began in front of the Government Office. Organisers read a letter addressed to Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek, presenting it to government officials. The prime minister is to due to visit China later this month. The two organisations asked that he promote respect for human rights in negotiations with the Chinese government.

Poll: majority says President should act in concordance with government

54 percent of respondents in a recent poll have said that the president should act in concordance with the cabinet with regards to foreign policy, and follow the political course set by the Foreign Ministry. The poll was conducted by the CVVM polling agency in April and released Friday. More than one-fourth of respondents said that the president did not have to follow the government's recommendations. Recently Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek and President Vaclav Klaus found themselves at odds in an argument over foreign policy, with Mr Paroubek insisting it was primarily the responsibility of the cabinet and not the president. President Klaus and Mr Paroubek later settled their dispute at Prague Castle, agreeing to coordinate their standpoints during visits abroad.

Tanker truck crashes near Podebrady

A tanker truck crashed near Podebrady, east of Prague, on Saturday, spilling some 17,000 litres of petrol and 12,000 litres of diesel oil. The truck turned over in a bend, which the driver failed to manoeuvre. Fire fighters have been cleaning up at the scene. The accident has been described as the worst of its kind in the area of Podebrady in years.

Czech Rep 8 - Andorra 1 in World Cup qualifier

The Czech Republic's national football squad defeated Andorra in its World Cup qualifier by a score of 8:1 on Saturday in the north Bohemian town of Liberec. Vratislav Lokvenc opened the scoring while others who put the ball in the net included Vladimir Smicer, Milan Baros, and team captain Tomas Galasek, who scored his first goal for the national side. The lop-sided win earns the Czech Republic 3 points and puts the Czechs atop of their group at 18 pts. The Netherlands are currently 2nd and next face Romania. The Czech Rep will next see action against Macedonia on Wednesday.


Sunday should see light rain with a daytime temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.