PM to cooperate with TI in curbing corruption

Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has said his Cabinet will cooperate with the international watchdog Transparency International in curbing corruption in the Czech Republic. Mr. Paroubek said in a TV debate on Sunday that he would welcome input from Transparency International on laws which are considered essential tools in fighting corruption, such as an effective conflict of interest law, a law on public tenders and an insolvency law relating to bankruptcy procedures. A recent report by Transparency International suggests that the Czech Republic has a serious problem fighting corruption.

Rath promises to suspend all private enterprise while in office

David Rath, the prime ministers' controversial nominee for the post of health minister has promised to suspend all his private enterprise activities during his time in public service. Mr. Rath was appointed deputy health minister last week after President Klaus refused to approve his nomination for the top job citing conflict of interest. The Prime Minister renominated him for the post on Friday, threatening legal action to push the appointment through. A lightening survey indicates that the majority of Czechs support President Klaus' argument. Mr. Rath has said he would suspend his chairmanship of the Czech Medical Chamber for the duration, if he were appointed to the post of health minister.

Collins ill, Prague concerts re-scheduled

The British singer and songwriter Phil Collins has had to cancel next week's concerts in Prague due to ill health. The concerts have been re-scheduled for November 23 and 24th. The agency Interconcerts said Mr. Collins had fallen ill on his world tour and would be unable to meet his obligations in Prague next week. All tickets remain valid.

More preventive measures against spread of bird flu

The Czech Agriculture Ministry has stepped up bird-flu controls, introducing a series of new measures effective immediately. The ministry announced a ban on the sale of poultry and live birds at markets and exhibitions and has cancelled pigeon racing contests and budgerigar exhibitions across the country. Czech breeders have also been requested not to take part in any international events. There is a ban on outdoor breeding for poultry farms and small breeders.


Monday is expected to be partly cloudy to overcast with rain in places and day temperatures between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius.