Ivan Langer says Bublan has failed as interior minister and should resign

The deputy leader of the opposition right-of-centre Civic Democrats, Ivan Langer, has called on to interior minister Frantisek Bublan to resign. In a Czech TV discussion programme on Sunday, he accused Mr Bublan of failing in key areas, primarily the passing of a new service law and the stabilisation of the police force. With officers not trusting their superiors, lacking guidance, and being highly inefficient, the police force is in deep crisis, Mr Langer says.

Czech Land Fund reviews 55 real estate contracts

The Czech Republic's Land Fund will review around fifty-five real estate contracts closed from June 7 to July 1. The Fund, which primarily manages state-owned real estate, is looking into allegations that it transferred some 600 hectares of lucrative land to speculators, in deals that profited them two billion crowns. The deputy director of the Fund's executive committee, Karel Machovec, says two employees have already been fired in connection with the affair. The opposition Civic Democrats called onto agriculture minister Petr Zgarba, who chairs the Fund, to resign from the post of minister last week.

Head of VZP faces dismissal if finances do not improve

The head of the VZP, the largest state-owned health insurance company, faces dismissal if she fails to take steps to get the company out of its bad financial situation. According to health minister David Rath, who was named into the post on Friday, VZP management - which is battling with growing debt - has not been cooperating with other administrations and fails to fulfil tasks that are stated by law. He says he fears the days of Jirina Musilkova (VZP director) are numbered if she does not improve the company's finances in the next few weeks.

MP Riman wants ministries to relocate to Ostrava to distribute wealth

The member of the lower house of parliament and former transport minister, Martin Riman, has proposed to move some ministries and state institutions from Prague to the north Moravian city of Ostrava. The opposition Civic Democrat says the decentralisation of important state administration bodies is the only way in which the wide gap between the wealthy capital city Prague and the rest of the country can be reduced. The idea has been dismissed by Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek.

Jewish community elects new leadership

Some 60% of Prague's Jewish community of 1,500 elected a new leadership on Sunday. The election was premature, following disagreement over the community's future direction and image. The election results are expected on Monday.

Weather forecast

The next few days will continue to have overcast skies with scattered showers. Day-time temperatures will drop gradually to reach a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius by the end of the week.