Lower house approves registered partnerships for homosexuals

The lower house has approved a bill allowing for registered partnerships for homosexual couples. The bill had been rejected on four previous occasions, the last time by just one vote. On Friday all present MPs the Christian Democrats voted against the bill, which must now go before the Civic-Democrat dominated Senate.

Swedish terrorist suspect accuses FBI of "manufacturing" case

Swedish terrorist suspect Oussama Kassir, who was detained in Prague on Sunday, has accused the FBI of "manufacturing" a case against him, adding that it was "politically directed against Islam". In a statement released by his Czech lawyer, the 39-year old Swedish national said the United States wanted to embarrass the Swedish and Czech governments. Mr Kassir, the subject of an international arrest warrant for allegedly abetting terrorists was arrested as he stepped off a plane at Prague airport on Sunday evening on his way from Stockholm to Beirut. Sweden has never agreed to extradite Mr Kassir, who originates from Lebanon and has Swedish citizenship.

State to pay higher insurance for jobless, students, pensioners; double parental allowance

The state may start paying higher insurance contributions for the jobless, pensioners and students from next year. Under a bill passed by the lower house on Friday, the current 481 crowns should be increased to 513 crowns (21 dollars) a month. The legislation is yet to be approved by the Senate. The chamber also approved an increase in parental allowance, paid to families with children between 6 months and 4 years of age, to 7000 crowns (290 dollars) a month. If the bill is approved by the Senate and signed by the President, it will come into effect in January 2007.

Wind and rainstorms lash Czech Republic

A 49-year old man was killed on Friday afternoon in the northern town of Decin when a tree knocked down by a gust of wind fell on his car. Wind and rainstorms that lashed the country on Friday caused temporary blackouts across the Czech Republic. Some roads in higher altitudes are closed due to heavy snowfalls and some are blocked by fallen trees. For the first time in several years, Prague Castle has been closed to visitors to prevent injuries caused by falling tiles. Open-air Christmas markets in the centre of Prague were also closed.

Slavia Prague reach knock-out stage of UEFA Cup despite defeat

Slavia Prague have reached the knock-out stage of football's UEFA Cup, going through on goal difference after losing 2:0 away to Hamburg on Thursday. Slavia's goalkeeper was sent off for a foul but his replacement managed to save the subsequent penalty in what was an entertaining game.


We can expect overcast skies and snowfall throughout the country over the weekend. Daytime temperatures should hover around freezing point.