Czechs heighten security at diplomatic mission in West Bank

The Czech Republic's diplomatic mission in Ramallah has heightened security measures in connection with ongoing attacks on European embassies in various Arab countries, a spokesman for the Czech Foreign Ministry has said. Western governments are stepping up security measures at their embassies in Arab countries as demonstrations continue against cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad published in a newspaper in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe.

Interior Minister to meet Muslim community

The Interior Minister, Frantisek Bublan, is planning to meet representatives of six Muslim organisations in the Czech Republic next Monday, the ministry's spokeswoman said. They are to discuss the attacks on Danish and Norwegian embassies in the Middle East provoked by the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish and other European papers. Czech Muslim organisations said in a joint statement on Monday that the publication of the cartoons was a sign of hatred and Islamophobia. They called on personalities from the political, religious and cultural spheres to stand up against its signs and support understanding and dialogue.

Klaus insists on dismissal of Supreme Court chairwoman

President Vaclav Klaus said on Monday that the legal and constitutional complaints, filed by Iva Brozova, who was dismissed as the chairwoman of the Supreme Court last week, only strengthened the prevailing opinion about her performance in the post. Mr Klaus said he was not going to change his decision about her dismissal. President Klaus dismissed Ms Brozova at the request of Justice Minister Pavel Nemec who had repeatedly complained about the state of the Supreme Court.

Klaus not satisfied with registered partnerships bill

President Vaclav Klaus also told reporters on Monday he was not satisfied with the final version of the bill on registered partnerships of same-sex couples passed by both houses of the Czech Parliament. The president has until next Thursday to either sign or veto the bill. In case he does not do either, the bill will become law anyway.

Culture minister dismisses advisory council

The Culture Minister, Vitezslav Jandak, has decided to dismiss his advisory council for state monument preservation. A spokeswoman for the ministry said the reason for the dismissal was a finding that the council's activities lead to non-transparent distribution of state money for the renovation of monuments.


The next couple of days should be overcast with snow or sleet in most parts of the country. Daytime temperatures should range from plus 1 to plus 4 degrees Celsius.