Thousands of trade union members protest against government reform package

Over 25,000 trade union members from around the country attended a demonstration against the government's proposed reform package on Prague's Wenceslas Square. The protesters say the reform plan is tailored to the rich few and are opposed to the extensive tax and social welfare reforms, which the government says are necessary to reduce the public deficit. The package is being discussed by parliament and has already made it through the first reading.

Government to ignore trade unions' objections

Following the demonstration against the government reform package, Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said his cabinet would withstand the trade unions' pressure just as it managed to survive the opposition's attempts at pushing through a no-confidence vote on Wednesday. Labour Minister Petr Necas says all the changes to the reform plan that the government thought were necessary, following talks with trade union representatives in May, have already been made.

Civic Democrats pleased with EU summit

Czech politicians are mostly pleased with the result of the EU summit which came to an end in Brussels on Saturday. According to the executive council of the strongest political party, the Civic Democrats, a reform process has been launched that will lead the EU to a truly functioning system of European integration. Civic Democrat MEP Jan Zahradil called the result a turning point from the concept of the creation of a European superstate and European federalism.

European Union leaders clinched agreement on a reform treaty by the end of this year, to be ratified by mid-2009, replacing the EU constitution rejected in 2005 by French and Dutch voters. The new text features neither constitutional nor state symbols and the EU will have a high representative for foreign policy, not a foreign minister. The summit also approved the possible transfer of powers back to member countries, a system of "dual flexibility" that Prague has been supporting.

MfD: evidence suggests 13-year old girl without identity was from Norway

Police are looking into evidence which suggests that a 13 year old girl whose whereabouts and identity have been unclear is a girl from Norway named Anne, Mlada fronta Dnes newspaper reports. The girl's existence came to light in connection with another case last month when an eight year old boy was found naked and bound in the broom cupboard of his home. The boy, his brother, and their adopted sister Anicka were taken to a children's home; their mother and aunt are now in police custody on child abuse charges. A few days later, Anicka mysteriously disappeared and DNA tests showed that the girl in the children's home was in fact a 32-year old woman who had slipped into the role of a little girl.

According to the paper, new evidence indicates that the 13 year-old girl did indeed exist. The daily suspects that the police are now looking into the theory that the 32-year old woman who pretended to be Anicka did so to cover up the girl's existence. Where the real Anne from Norway is now is unknown but witnesses recall that she was very ill and often had to be carried, the paper concludes.

Prime Minister: Jiri Cunek will be dismissed only if charged

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek has rejected speculation that he would dismiss his deputy Jiri Cunek by the end of the week. Following Saturday's Civic Democrat executive council meeting, Mr Topolanek reiterated that Mr Cunek will only be removed from his post in government if he is charged and fails to resign himself. The Christian Democrat leader is accused of taking a bribe of half a million crowns while he was mayor of the Moravian town of Vsetin a few years ago.

Bahna 2007: Czech Army celebrates Day of the Ground Forces

The Czech Army celebrated a Day of the Ground Forces on Saturday, showcasing modern and historic military technology to over 50,000 spectators. The celebration was held, as every year, in west Bohemia's Strasice near Rokycany. The event is held for the eighteenth time and also included presentations of various operations of Czech and also foreign forces.

Memorial Air Show honours WWII veterans

Meanwhile, in the town of Roudnice nad Labem, some 80 aircraft from eight countries were presented to the public at a Memorial Air Show. Besides the B-52 Mitchell bomber, a favourite with spectators, the 15,000 visitors could also admire Jas-39 Gripen fighter jets or L-159 ALCAs (Advanced Light Combat Aircraft). This year, veterans who fought in the Second World War were invited as guests of honour. The event was ceremoniously opened by Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.

Express train derails, no-one injured

An express train travelling from Moravia's town of Olomouc to the Jesenik region derailed on Saturday afternoon but no one was injured. The accident was most likely caused by a tree, which fell on the train tracks during heavy winds.


The weather is expected to be cloudy with occasional showers and storms in places. Highest temperatures should range between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.