Christian Democrat leader says police are controlled by politicians

The leader of the Christian Democrats, Miroslav Kalousek, criticised Czech Police Chief Jiri Kolar in a TV discussion programme on Sunday and said the police are politically controlled. Last week, the police chief admitted that widespread bugging was normal police practice and added that it is nothing to concern people with a clear conscience.

In reaction to his remarks, President Vaclav Klaus and opposition Civic Democratic Party deputies have called on Mr Kolar to resign. While Mr Kalousek agrees, he notes Mr Kolar's resignation will not make a difference as the whole police force is politically controlled and the country's interior ministers have done nothing about it.

As of Monday, Czechs can be extradited to EU states to face criminal proceedings

This Monday, November 1, the European arrest warrant will be adopted in the Czech Republic. This will allow for Czech citizens, suspected of serious crimes, to be extradited to an EU state and tried abroad. The crimes involved include terrorism, people trafficking, murder, hijacking, rape, and the sexual abuse of children. The aim of the EU arrest warrant is to help tackle cross-border crime, prevent criminals from eluding prosecution, and help in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

Monitored Skinhead concert goes by without incident

A concert of three extreme-right groups held on Saturday night went by without incident. Around 200 skinheads, some of them from neighbouring Austria and Slovakia, attended the event in the Moravian capital Brno. Police, who monitored the concert, arrested one participant who was seen doing the Nazi salute by a photographer from a Czech daily. He was released after police questioning on Sunday morning.

Grenade found at Prague metro not live

Police say the hand grenade that was found at Prague's Karlovo Namesti underground metro station was not live. The grenade was discovered by a passer-by on Sunday morning and a pyrotechnic was called to the scene. Police have yet to investigate how the device got there but say the grenade was empty and passengers were never exposed to any danger. A possible link to the three anti-tank rocket launchers that were recently found in the Vltava River is also being investigated.

Elderly woman who set herself on fire in critical condition

An 84-year old woman, who tried to commit suicide by setting herself on fire on Saturday afternoon, is in critical condition. The woman from the northern city Liberec suffered third-degree burns over 100 percent of her body. Doctors say her chances of survival are minimal.

Tennis: Jiri Novak wins Swiss Indoors final

The unseeded Czech Jiri Novak has won the 989,750-euro (1.26 million US dollars) Swiss Indoors tournament. Jiri Novak beat Argentinean fourth seed David Nalbandian 5-7, 6-3, 6-4, 1-6, 6-2 in the final on Sunday.


Monday is expected to have overcast skies with scattered drizzle and day-time temperatures between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius.