Government approves consolidation programme

The Czech government has approved a convergence programme of gradual cuts in public budget deficits and fiscal policy consolidation. The programme is based on a strategy of joining the Euro zone at the end of the decade. The government should submit the programme to the European Commission by mid-May. The Finance Ministry said the programme was a precondition for drawing money from the EU Cohesion Fund.

Senate approves unemployment bill

On Thursday the Czech Senate approved a government bill aimed at both lowering unemployment numbers but also improving benefits for those unable to find long-term work. On the one hand the bill, which was approved by 38 out of 70 senators present, will make it difficult for recipients to receive benefits if they refuse, for example, re-qualification training or a medical exam to which they had previously agreed. At the same time, under the new bill, those on unemployment will be allowed to earn up to half the minimum wage without losing unemployment benefits.

Chamber of Deputies approves bill amendment quickening adoption procedures

Also on Thursday: the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill amendment that it will make it easier for Czech couples to adopt newborns by speeding up the adoption process. The amendment, put forward by the Christian Democrats, allows for mothers to consent - shortly after delivery - to their child's adoption. Until now mothers who wanted to put their child up for adoption could only give consent after six weeks, which according to critics caused delays and drew-out court proceedings. By quickening the adoption process the bill's supporters hope that new-borns up for adoption will be able to get to their adoptive families with less delay.

Czech women to be able to give birth in anonymity under new law

In related news: on Thursday the Chamber of Deputies also approved legislation enabling women to give birth in full anonymity, which supporters hope will reduce the number of abortions in the country. If the bill is passed by the Senate and signed by the president, the medical records of women requesting anonymity could be accessed only under a court order; also, their name would not appear on their child's birth certificate. The overall aim of the bill is to deter women pregnant with an unwanted child, from seeking abortions or even abandoning or murdering the child. Every year the Czech Republic sees several cases of newborns, found either abandoned or dead.

Three battling meningitis infections in north Bohemia

Three people who have come down with meningitis infections are being treated in hospital in the north Bohemian region of Litomerice where two months ago one person died from the infection. Meningitis, an inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord caused by a bacterial or viral infection, leads to intense headaches, fever, and vomiting, which can result in death. Persons between the ages of 15 - 25 are among the most susceptible to the infection. The only prevention against meningitis type C is vaccination, which is not, however, compulsory in the Czech Republic. Last year the Czech Republic registered 101 cases of meningitis, 10 of which ended in death.


Friday is expected to be cloudy with daytime temperatures reaching 16 degrees Celsius.