Czech-Slovak Kosovo unit to remain at full strength

Defence Ministry officials have said the four hundred-strong Czech-Slovak K-FOR contingent in Kosovo will most likely remain at full strength for an extra two months, in the wake of the recent unrest in the province. The Defence Ministry had planned to reduce the contingent. The Czech Army has received a request from K-FOR commanders not to reduce the number of troops serving in Kosovo.

Government to complete first privatisation after almost two years in office

The government has decided to sell its stakes in the Sokolovska uhelna and OKD coal mines, in what is the first major privatisation it has achieved in almost two years in office. Sokolovska uhelna is to be bought by Sokolovska tezebni, which is controlled by managers of its mines. The government's minority stake in the black coal company OKD is being bought by majority shareholder Karbon Invest.

Slovaks living in Czech Rep unable to vote in presidential election

Slovak citizens living in the Czech Republic will not be able to vote in the forthcoming presidential election in Slovakia. The Slovak Embassy says Slovak citizens will have to travel home to Slovakia if they want to take part in the election, the first round of which is held on April 3rd. Slovaks make up the largest minority in the Czech Republic, with almost 200,000 people claiming Slovak nationality in the 2001 census. However not all of them have Slovak citizenship, meaning not all of them are eligible to vote.

Kladno mayor remanded in custody for fraud

The mayor of the central Bohemian town of Kladno, Milan Volf, has been remanded in custody on charges of abuse of office. Prosecutors accuse Mr Volf, a member of the right-of-centre Civic Democrats, of illegally transferring 40 million crowns from the town's budget to Kladno's ice hockey club. He also stands accused of buying himself an expensive Audi car without seeking the council's permission. Mr Volf could face three years in prison if found guilty of abuse of office.

Branch of Komercni Banka robbed for third time in five years

A branch of Komercni Banka in Prague's 10th district has been robbed for the third time in five years. A man robbed the bank on Wednesday, making away with hundreds of thousands of crowns after threatening staff with explosives. The bank was robbed in September last year.

Klaus names "Prague Avenue" in Lisbon

President Vaclav Klaus has taken part in a ceremony in the Portuguese capital Lisbon naming a local street "Prague Avenue". President Klaus is on the second day of his state visit to Portugal.


Thursday will be another cold and cloudy day, with occasional showers. Temperatures in the daytime will reach a maximum of 5 degrees Celsius, falling to lows of -3 degrees at night.