Security measures in place

Police re-enforcements have appeared in the streets of Prague within tightened security measures implemented in the wake of the Madrid bombings. Security has already been tightened around Prague's main international airport, at border crossing points, key sites and institutions, nuclear power stations and Prague's subway. The measures are expected to be in full force by Wednesday. In view of the global threat of terrorism, the Interior Ministry and the country's intelligence services have called for a special legislation which would set the framework for such operations in future.

Czechs protest against human rights violations in Cuba

Seventy five Czech political and cultural personalities are taking turns to spend an hour in a mock prison erected on Wenceslas Square within a four day "Stop Repression in Cuba" campaign. The campaign was launched on Monday by the People in Need Foundation in protest against the imprisonment of 75 Cuban human rights activists by the Castro regime last April. Among those who have or will be spending time in the mock prison cell are the Senate chairman Petr Pithart, the mayor of Prague Pavel Bem, deputy premier Petr Mares and Olympic champion Lukas Pollert. After the last mock prisoner is released the organizers plan to hold a demonstration outside the Cuban embassy in Prague.

Kozeny will be prosecuted

The Czech Constitutional Court has cleared the way for the prosecution of Viktor Kozeny, the former head of the Harvard Investment Fund, who is charged with massive fraud in the Czech Republic. The Constitutional Court on Tuesday overturned Kozeny's complaint against the work of the Czech police, ruling that the criminal prosecution of the man known as the Pirate of Prague was in accordance with the law and should continue. Kozeny also faces charges of extensive fraud in the United States.

Prime Minister in Romania

The Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla who is on a two day working visit to Romania has been meeting with members of the Czech minority in the country. The Czech minority in Romania has been gradually dwindling as young people seek better work opportunities abroad. Those who remain are mainly elderly people who maintain family traditions and are interested in strengthening links with their country of origin. They asked the Prime Minister about the possibility of gaining access to Czech TV broadcasts. The Prime Minister's visit to Romania was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and forging closer business relations.


Wednesday is expected to be partly cloudy to overcast with day temperatures between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius.