Student stabs teacher to death

A sixty-year old teacher at a vocational school in the eastern Bohemian town of Svitavy died after being attacked by his student on Monday morning. Witnesses say the teacher was stabbed several times with a knife. He died from his wounds just after he was rushed to hospital. Police are now investigating what led the student to attack his teacher. A new law, which came under effect this year, requires the police keep secret all information that could reveal a juvenile suspect's identification. With the student being a minor, he will be tried in a closed court.

Motol hospital evacuates due to cracked water pipe

Several children had to be evacuated from the surgical ward of Prague's Motol hospital on Monday afternoon after a cracked water pipe raised the floor by half a metre. A hospital press officer said that such problems were frequent at Motol as it has not been refurbished for three decades and is now in bad need of repair. Hospital managers has criticised the country's MPs for repeatedly pushing back discussion on a proposal that would allow the hospital receive a government loan for reconstruction work. Ten years ago, the ceiling of the X-ray room gave way just after a patient had left it and last week, the floor of one of the children's wards collapsed barely missing a woman and her 4-year old child.

Stolen cars on sale at car bazaars

In a nation-wide operation carried out by the Czech police last week, thirty-one stolen cars were found on sale at second hand car bazaars around the country. The police searched a total of 1,109 bazaars in six days in an operation that was the first of its kind. An increasing number of cases where people had unknowingly bought stolen cars from bazaars led the police to launch the operation.

Roma community to face heavy fine

The Roma Civic Initiative in the region of Moravia and Silesia may be faced with a heavy fine for failing to officially register humanitarian collections organised to help the Roma community in Slovakia. The Roma initiative has been collecting food, clothing, sanitary material, and money without the consent of the local authorities. Czech law requires that any collection of money has to have their permission. The Roma initiative may now have to pay a fine of up to half a million Czech crowns.

Jan Koukal to head Prague House in Brussels

The former mayor of Prague, Civic Democrat Jan Koukal, will be the Czech capital's representative in Brussels. Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said on Monday that Mr Koukal has been elected as director of the Prague House in Brussels and will head the Czech city's delegation to the European Union.


Tuesday is expected to have overcast skies with occasional showers and snow in the higher parts of the country. Day-time temperatures will reach a maximum of 4 degrees Celsius.