New Muchow compilation gathers sterling film work

Jan P. Muchow, photo: Michal Sváček / Supraphon

Jan P. Muchow is today perhaps best known for his film soundtracks – and some of the best that work is now gathered on the compilation The Antagonist.

Jan P. Muchow | Photo: Michal Sváček,  Supraphon
Initially known as the leader of top local indie band The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, the Prague musician, composer and producer Jan P. Muchow has been doing music for movies for over two decades now. Indeed, his discography includes more than 20 soundtracks for a broad range of movies.

Now an excellent compilation titled The Antagonist has brought together some of the greatest of Muchow’s film work, including songs featuring the likes of Vaclav Havelka, Sára Vondrášková and Ema Brabcová on vocals.