New analytical journal on Central and Eastern Europe published in Hungary

A new journal analysing trends in politics, society and economy in Eastern and Central Europe has just been launched. Published in Hungary, it's called "The Analyst - Central and East European Review" and it's aimed at decision makers from the region between Russia and Western Europe. We spoke to the editor, Istvan Zalai:

"The target groups of readers are those who are really interested in this region, such as researchers, politicians, diplomats, or economic experts and businessmen. Of course, we would be really glad to have ordinary people read us. But we basically decided to make it for decision makers, not only in Hungary but both inside and outside the region. The idea was to make a kind of hand-book that you can just take it off your shelf and read, when you are interested in different issues and problems of the region."

What scope of issues do you hope to cover? Your first issue features an article by the former EU commissioner for agriculture, Franz Fischler, there is an article about Roma politics, another on the transformation of the army in central and eastern Europe...

"We are focusing on political issues, the economy, security policies, and society, of course. We try to give book reviews as well. We have a very fascinating book review on the first years of Slovak diplomacy, from 1992 and 1993. In the next issue we hope to publish an Estonian researcher on the Russian minority's problems and its integration in Estonia. I just got an answer from Romania's former finance minister who will write a country study and our publisher will write about the transitional economies. So these are the topics for the next issue."