Nature captured in glass: Installation by Czech luxury glass firm Lasvit on display in London Michelin-star restaurant

Lasvit, Czechia’s leading exporter of luxury glass and light installations, is one of three prominent design entities currently being showcased at Sketch, a high-end dining establishment in West London.

Michelin-starred Sketch in London’s posh Mayfair district describes itself as a “quirky, 18th-century townhouse tearoom that transforms into a cocktail lounge every evening”. In fact, the premises are comprised of five separate dining spaces, including the 3-Michelin star restaurant The Lecture Room and Library serving lunch and dinner, gastro-brasserie restaurant the Gallery serving afternoon tea and dinner, and the Glade, described on the restaurant’s website as “an enchanted découpage forest” serving breakfast, lunch and cocktails.

Photo: Mark Cocksedge

It is in this latter space, the elegant forest-inspired surroundings of The Glade, that you will find a special gold edition of Lasvit’s signature Herbarium chandelier. Six metres long and four metres wide, the installation consists of 240 meticulously hand-made glass pieces using a special technique where molten glass is poured over dried flowers, herbs, and tree branches.

On its website, Lasvit describes the Herbarium as “a tribute to nature.

“The magic happens when molten glass is poured over dried flowers, herbs, or small tree branches. A special glassmaking technique enables us to imprint hand-picked plants onto the glass and conserve the image of Nature as we know it. This happens when the greenery turns into ashes but leaves its distinct traces on the glass surface. The result is a unique imprint, and no matter what happens, these glass flowers will be preserved for generations to come.”

What makes the Herbarium in Sketch different from other ones is the fact that each plant imprint is painted in gold, designed to echo the Glade’s shimmering botanical setting.

Photo: Mark Cocksedge

Marie Čulenová, Petra Dicková and Štěpán Gudev are the creative team behind the concept. Čulenová, Chief Designer at Lasvit, who led the team, says that the setting is perfect for the installation:

“Our workshops are surrounded by wilderness. We wanted to capture a piece of this scenery, a piece of the Bohemian meadow, and transpose it to Sketch. The Glade, with its otherworldly, blossom-like feel, is the perfect place for it.”

The Lasvit Herbarium installation can be seen at Sketch until 16 Oct 2023. The exhibition is part of the London Design Festival.

Author: Anna Fodor | Sources: , Lasvit , sketch London