More Czechs consume wine than beer, survey finds

Photo: Štěpánka Budková

Czechs are known as being among the top countries in the world when it comes to the consumption of beer. However, the alcoholic drink that is consumed by the most people in the Czech Republic is not actually beer but wine, according to a new survey.

The study by the Focus agency for the wine-growers’ association Vinařský fond found that a full 73 percent of Czech adults consume víno. When it comes to pivo the figure is 65 percent, Vinařský fond said in a news release.

With regard to overall volume, however, beer remains the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the country where Pilsner-style lager was invented.

The study indicates that Czech wine consumers tend to be patriotic, with almost three-quarter saying they prefer Moravian and Bohemian brands, in part because of the taste and in part because they wish to support domestic production, the director of Vinařský fond, Jaroslav Machovec, said.

Indeed, the most important finding of the report was that Czech wine drinkers are prepared to pay more for the higher quality of domestically produced víno, Mr. Machovec said.

Photo: Pavel Sedláček,  Czech Radio

More than half of those who drink wine prefer the white variety. The survey found that 54 percent are most fond of white, 25 percent go for red and 15 percent are not fussed regarding colour. Six percent prefer rosé.

Compared to 2016, when this study was last conducted, the popularity of red wine decreased a little, while the popularity of rosé rose slightly.

According to volume of residual sugar, semi-dry wines are the most popular, enjoying the favour of 29 percent of wine consumers.

Semi-sweet wines are preferred by 24 percent of consumers, and 22 percent like a dry wine. The popularity of dry and semi-dry wines has grown slightly in the last five years, while interest in semi-sweet and sweet wines is declining.

Two-thirds of consumers buy wine from retail outlets. However, according to the survey, more people are now buying it in wine shops or directly from producers. Only five percent of wine drinkers buy the beverage online.

Compared to the previous survey, the average amount that Czechs spend on wine per month has increased just a little, by CZK 25 to CZK 404.

The factors that influence the selection of a particular wine also remain little changed, with previous experience of a brand, quality, recommendations and price still playing major roles.

Some 1,200 adults took part in the survey, which was conducted last summer.