Moore and Affleck bring star power to opening weekend of Karlovy Vary

Julianne Moore, photo: ČTK/Šulová Kateřina

The stars have been out at the Karlovy Vary film festival. Hollywood actress Julianne Moore received the cinema showcase’s lifetime achievement award, while actor Casey Affleck also met the cheer of fans on the red carpet at Hotel Thermal.

Casey Affleck and Anna Pniowská, photo:  ČTK / Kateřina Šulová
The 54th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival got underway on Friday, with the evening culminating with the presentation of Karlovy Vary’s Crystal Globe for outstanding artistic contribution to world cinema to Hollywood star Julianne Moore.

She was there with her husband Bart Freundlich, who directed opening film After the Wedding (in which Moore stars), and she referred to her spouse in her acceptance speech.

"I was reminded of how I always say to my children that they should follow their interests. Because you never know where you will lead them. When I think of it I think how lucky I was to follow my interest in story – and that led me not only to a life and a career in film that I love, but also to a man that I work with and love very much. So thank you so much. "

Moments earlier Moore had explained on the red carpet what receiving Karlovy Vary’s most prestigious award meant to her.

"I’m a big fan of film festivals. For me it’s an opportunity to participate in the global film community. And to have someone recognise your work that way, as a member of that community and in a place where there are so many artistic achievements, it’s really quite an honour."

Also ascending the red carpet at the gala opening was Moore’s After the Wedding co-star Billy Crudup, who said he was sorry he didn’t have more time in Karlovy Vary.

Julianne Moore, photo: ČTK/Šulová Kateřina
"I wish I could be here longer, because the programme that they’ve curated so far I’ve found to be really, really interesting, dynamic, fresh and ambitious."

On Sunday afternoon a huge crowd gathered again in front of festival centre Hotel Thermal to welcome acting star Casey Affleck. He was presenting his new film Light of My Life on his second visit to Karlovy Vary in three years.

"I have to say this is one of my favourite festivals in the world and I’ve been to a lot of them. I came here a couple of years ago with A Ghost Story. It was an experimental movie and the audiences were so generous. And the place is so beautiful and everybody loves watching movies here. It takes a long time to make a movie and they’re not always great, sometimes they’re OK, but like children you love them all just the same. So to be able to share them in this environment… it feels great."

The other major star at this year’s Karlovy Vary will be US actress Patricia Clarkson. She will receive the festival’s lifetime achievement award at Saturday’s closing ceremony.

Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich, photo: ČTK/Šulová Kateřina