Minister hits back at Babiš video suggesting Ukrainian grain is contaminated

Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný has responded to a video in which former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš suggests Ukrainian grain is "contaminated" by saying that the video comes very close to spreading fake news and alarmist messaging. He refuted Mr. Babiš's statements, telling Czech daily Deník N that both Czech and imported grain, regardless of where it comes from, are subject to rigorous inspection, and that no grain from Ukraine has been found to be contaminated. He added that in fact very little grain is imported from Ukraine to Czechia.

The video, released on Sunday, shows the ANO party leader talking to a live rooster, which he introduces as Silver, before going on to say that Silver only eats Czech grain and doesn't like Ukrainian grain, because he says it is contaminated.

Author: Anna Fodor