Midnight firework display welcomes Czechs to EU

Midnight firework display welcomes Czechs to EU (Photo: CTK)

The Czech Republic's EU membership is being celebrated across the country - thousands of people took to the streets of the Czech capital on Friday for a series of outdoor events, which culminated at midnight with a few words from the Prime Minister and a magnificent fireworks display. Dita Asiedu was there...

Midnight firework display welcomes Czechs to EU  (Photo: CTK)
Just at the stroke of midnight, Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla, welcomed all Czechs to the European Union:

Minister Spidla: "There is no need for too many words. An opportunity stands before us and I am convinced that we will use it. Dear citizens of the Czech Republic - good morning in the European Union!"

Scottish tourists: "Welcome to Europe!"

Dita: "Thank you very much. Where are you from?"

Scottish tourists: "Scotland. We're here on holiday."

Dita: "And did you know that the celebrations were going to take place?"

Midnight  (Photo: CTK)
Scottish tourists: "No, we didn't know. It's fantastic. The fireworks were superb!"

Dita: "Is there something you would like to say to our listeners?"

Scottish tourists: "Yes. It's [the EU] is not as good as people think it is."

Dita: "Why?"

Scottish tourists: "Because prices go up!"

Dita: "Alright, thanks for scaring me [laughs]."

Woman: "We are very happy to be in the European Union!"

Woman: "We are now going to be stronger and more powerful... especially against terrorist attacks.

Dita: "Welcome to the EU. How do you feel about it?"

Man: "It's good. Slovakia is in the European Union too. We have to wait a couple of weeks, months, or even years...we don't know what the European Union will bring...Czechs and Slovaks are very good people and can bring something very good to the European Union."

Czech couple: "United we stand!"