Ivana Trump, photo: CTK

In today's Mailbox we reveal the name of the mystery person from our February competition and announce the names of the four lucky winners. There is also a brand new question for the month of March for you. Listeners quoted: Helmut Matt, Henry L. Umadhay, Sandhya Yadav, Henrik Klemetz, Doug Sebranek, Harold Yeglin, David Eldridge, Christine Takaguchi-Coates.

Ivana Trump,  photo: CTK
Hello and welcome to Mailbox. The deadline for your answers to our February listeners' competition was last Wednesday, so today is the time to announce the four lucky winners, and of course, a new question for the month of March. This time there were a few wrong answers. The Czech-born American celebrity, a former member of the Czechoslovak national skiing team who later married a billionaire is neither Joe Berens nor Victoria Silvstedt nor Jessica Simpson nor Olga Fikotova as some of you guessed.

She is none other than... let's hear what Helmut Matt from Germany had to say:

"I think the person you are asking for is Ivana Marie Trump (Zelnicková). I wouldn't have found this out without my (American) wife Linda."

Henry L. Umadhay from the Philippines adds:

"When she was a child, her father noticed her athletic talent and began training her, focusing on skiing. Later she began modelling for Audrey Morris, the top modelling agency in Montreal at the time. In the summer of 1976, her agency sent several models to New York to promote the Olympic Games held in Montreal. A night on the town led the models to an overcrowded, trendy restaurant where they were immediately seated at a special table; compliments of a man named Donald Trump."

Mrs Sandhya Yadav from India sent us this answer:

Ivana Trump
"The former skier and fashion model was born on 20th February 1949 (maybe due to this reason you had chosen her as mystery woman of this month). She achieved fame after her marriage with Mr Donald Trump. Now they are divorced but they have tree children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric."

I wish I could confirm that we chose Ivana Trump because of her birthday last month but I have to admit it was pure coincidence. By another coincidence, Ivana Trump was here in Prague last weekend, a fact which Henrik Klemetz from Sweden spotted and shared with us.

"This worldwide celebrity made it to her native country in time for her 58th birthday and this year's Czech beauty pageant scheduled for February 27. Divorced from Donald Trump, the co-owner of the Miss Universe organization, she is known to make money wherever she goes."

And Doug Sebranek from the United States sent us this remark:

"The answer to your question is Ivana Trump, of course. Or would you call her Ivana Trumpova? In any event, she should have married someone with a nice Czech name, like me!"

As a matter of fact, Ivana Trump's first husband did have a nice Czech name as Harold Yeglin from the United States points out.

"In 1968 Ivana Zelnickova was selected as an alternate on the 1968 Czech Olympic ski team. She subsequently earned a master's degree in physical education from Charles University and in 1975 left Czechoslovakia for Canada where she worked as a model. In 1976 she moved to New York to promote the Montreal Olympics. That same year she divorced husband George Syrovatka, met Donald Trump and in 1977 married him in a lavish society wedding."

David Eldridge from England had this to say:

"It is said of her she shows a contemptuous disregard for working people. 'When Trump steps into a cab without money or with only $100 bills, why does she think it's appropriate (on a regular basis, no less) to instruct the cabdriver to return another day to ask her assistant for the fare?' The 'New York Times' in the year 2000 was forced to make a correction to an article they had printed: 'The article in The [New York] Times Magazine last Sunday about Ivana Trump and her spending habits misstated the number of bras she buys. It is two dozen black, two dozen beige and two dozen white, not two thousand of each.'"

Christine Takaguchi-Coates from Japan adds this:

"Ivana has been active in many different fields, such as: hosting a reality show called Ivana Young Man; building the tallest skyscraper in Las Vegas - an 80-story lipstick-shaped residential tower called Ivana; creating a range of Ivana perfumes, Ivana make-up and wildly successful Ivana costume jewelry; and writing. In the early 1990s, she wrote two novels which chronicle the adventures of a beautiful Czech skier-turned-model who marries an American billionaire and goes through a messy, very public divorce. She has also written a self-help book 'The Best Is Yet To Come', for fellow divorcees, and for the past 14 years, she has written the advice column 'Ask Ivana', for the American magazine 'Globe'."

There were many other interesting answers with new bits of information but there is only so much we can fit in our Mailbox programme every week. And these are the lucky four who will receive small gifts from Radio Prague:

Henry L. Umadhay from the Philippines, Mrs Sandhya Yadav from India, Doug Sebranek from the United States and Chris Roberts from Canada.

Congratulations and your prizes are on their way!

Now we have yet to announce a new competition question for March. This month we want you to tell us the name of a British film actor, who was born in Prague in 1917 but moved to Britain in 1939. He is perhaps best known for his appearances in the famous "Pink Panther" movies with Peter Sellers.

Please send us your answers by the end of the month to [email protected] or Radio Prague, 12099, Prague, the Czech Republic. Till next time, bye-bye.