Today in Mailbox: We take a look at where and how you have been following Radio Prague around the globe in 2007. Listeners quoted: Keith Wixtrom, Stephenson Isoe, Mike Bruce, Steven Prusakowski, Jeff Kelso, David Eldridge, Helmut Matt, Marnix Barbiers, Michael Fanderys, Annette Harris.

Welcome to the last Mailbox programme of 2007. In this edition, we’ll take a look where and how you have been following Radio Prague this year around the planet. There are multiple ways to enjoy our programmes, be it via shortwave or FM radio broadcasting, satellite or a number of varieties of listening over the internet, including podcasting. Besides that our articles are also available in text on our website. We are always interested to know which your preferred way of accessing our programmes is, so let’s hear from some of you who’ve mentioned in your e-mails how and also why you follow Radio Prague.

Let’s begin with Keith Wixtrom from Texas:

“I enjoy your programs on the World Radio Network over the Sirius satellite system. Thank you for your interesting shows.”

Stephenson Isoe lives in Kenya:

“I like Radio Prague so much, I do get it clear here in Kenya.”

Mike Bruce sent us a greeting from Australia:

“Hi Radio Prague! Love your daily mail service which I receive in Australia - makes me miss the Czech Republic.”

Steven Prusakowski follows us in the United States:

“I listen to Radio Prague on Sirius radio as I drive my wife to work several times a week. We love it for many reasons, but I guess the best reason is it reminds us of our honeymoon which we spent in Prague. A lovely city, full of lovely people. Keep up the good work.”

From the US state of Oregon, Jeff Kelso sent us this note:

“I subscribe to your podcasts and listen every day on my Microsoft Zune.”

Here’s David Eldridge from England and his ways of tuning in to Radio Prague:

“My method of listening to audio broadcasts has been changing rapidly in line with rapidly changing technologies. I occasionally still listen to short-wave but I first moved to listening on my computer, then migrated to downloading to my home PC and transferring to an MP3 player. Now I have moved to a much better and more convenient technology: listening via earphones connected to my mobile phone which is receiving signal feed from a home wi-fi hub. I can thus listen anywhere at home with clear audio and cheaply. My home computer does not have to be switched on so the only power is the 5 watts being consumed by the hub. The cost of the data is negligible since it comes through a standard broadband connection.”

Helmut Matt listens to Radio Prague in neighbouring Germany:

“I still listen to your programs in German AND in English... and I try to miss none of your Mailbox programs. As the English Section of Radio Prague has a worldwide audience, its topics and opinions are more widespread and controversial. That's what fascinates me.”

Marnix Barbiers from Belgium sent us a note after he came home from holiday:

“Nearly all this month I was away from home: some relaxing holidays that brought me to Scandinavia and Greece. But in those weeks I didn't forget to think about your 'Radio Prague'. When access to the internet was possible I also 'tuned in' to your website.”

Michael Fanderys writes from Ohio:

“I heard your Mailbox show this morning on shortwave during the 1400-1429 UTC broadcast on 11600 kHz.”

Annette Harris from the United States wrote:

“I enjoy reading the news from Prague each day via e-mail and hope I can soon make my fourth visit to Prague.”

What a multitude of ways of keeping in touch with news and current affairs from the Czech Republic! Thank you all so much for these messages and postscripts. It’s great to know you are out there, finding the time to listen to or read our programmes. Thank you for staying faithful to Radio Prague over this past year and I hope you will keep tuning in in 2008 and in the years to come.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year – and clear reception!