"Luck of the Devil" new experience for singing legend Gott

Fairy tales have been a part of the Czech cultural heritage for both children and adults alike for centuries. Czechs are fiercely proud of the hundreds of fairy tales made for TV and the cinema. "Z Pekla Stesti 2" is the sequel to last year's overwhelmingly successful "Z Pekla Stesti," and the film premieres in Prague tonight. It features some of the Czech Republic's most well-known names, chief among them being the pop legend, Karel Gott. Pavla Navratilova has the story.

"Z Pekla Stesti" - is officially translated as "Hell of Good Luck", but perhaps "Luck of the Devil" would be more accurate. This fairy tale has it all: sibling rivalry, a princess in despair, well-mannered dragons, incompetent devils, and a battle where one of the warring parties turns up late.

It also features the musical icon Karel Gott, in the role of the king of the underworld. "Luck of the Devil 2" is a completely new experience for Gott, who's appeared in films, but always in the role of a singer. He accepted the part for the very reason that he wouldn't be required to sing. But in end, he provided the vocals for the movie's theme song. Amusingly enough, he says, 'the luck of the devil' is a statement that can be applied to his own life.

"I've had the 'luck of the devil' for many years now. The guy upstairs must like me because, honestly, there's so much instability within what is known as popular music where no one can promise anyone anything. Everyone today talks about wanting certainty in their lives; one of the greatest uncertainties is in trying to interpret modern music trends. To live off that for forty years is truly the luck of the devil."

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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