Lenka Dusilová’s latest LP, Řeka, up for Album of the Year

Lenka Dusilová, photo: Zuzana Bonisch

Today’s edition of our Sunday Music Show features singer-songwriter Lenka Dusilová’s latest album, Řeka (“River”, in English), which has been nominated for four Anděl Music Awards (the Czech equivalent to a Grammy), including for Album of the Year.

Lenka Dusilová has won many awards during her long and eclectic career – her music is distinguished for drawing inspiration from various styles and genres. Řeka comes nine years after the singer’s last solo album, and introduces a new repertoire, sound and team of musicians, as well as an array of personal themes.

She invited producers from quite different musical worlds to work with her on the album: Petr Ostrouchov and beat maker Aid Kid, a member of Zvíře jménem podzim. The colourful layers of Řeka’s sound are the result of contribution by a number of musicians. In one track, she is joined by singers Monika Načeva and Iva Bittová. The ingenious and intricate river of sound is endowed with a fascinating dynamic.

Photo: Animal Music

Řeka (2020)

1. Białe koine (Lenka Dusilová, Dorota Barová)
2. Vojsko (Lenka Dusilová)
3. Panenka Maria: sádrové lepidlo (Lenka Dusilová / Małgorzata Lebda, Bogdan Trojak)
4. DNA (Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
5. Vlákna (Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský, Jakub König)
6. Tremolo (Lenka Dusilová)
7. Řeka (Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
8. Hlubina (Lenka Dusilová)
9. Insomnia (Lenka Dusilová / Lenka Dusilová, Martin E. Kyšperský)
10. Tma (Lenka Dusilová, Monika Načeva / Dorota Barová, Irma Geisslová)