Latvian polka, French cheese and Czech jugglers all part of the new EU

The Czech Republic's EU membership is being celebrated across the country (Photo: CTK)

Apart from the official celebrations in Old Town Square, elsewhere in Prague, a "Euro Market" attracted thousands of visitors. Brian Kenety went along.

The Czech Republic's EU membership is being celebrated across the country  (Photo: CTK)
Which country are you from? And what instrument are you playing there?

"We come from Latvia."

And what is this horn you are playing?

"This horn is an archaic horn. A wooden horn."

It's very traditional one, right?

"Not very - but traditional."

Are you about to play a song for the people?

"Yes. Polka. It will be a dance."

"I'm from Germany and I'm passing out cheesecake."

One of the great fears of Czechs upon entry into the EU is that there'll be great price hikes in the cost of everything from rice to sugar to god knows what. But one thing that will go down, actually, is the price of wine and cheese and other specialty goods from within the EU. So I, for one, look forward to some nice French cheese — cheaper French cheese.

So I'm standing in the French information tent and I've corned one of the helpers here. I understand you've got some cheese.

"Yes. We have French cheese offered by Carrefour, a French company here."

What kind of cheese is it?

"Griere. And vasquerie."

Wonderful. Thank you.

"My name is 'Medved'. It's a nickname"

It means 'Bear', right?

"Yeah, actually."

And what are you doing here today?

"We are working for the European Union."

You are juggling bowling pins and you're riding unicycles and so on.

"Yes, that's it."

You know, there's a European Union directive against that. You need a license.


No. I'm only joking. Have a good day.

"Thank you very much."

So, you're a volunteer and you're handing out leaflets and flags.

"Yes, actually I'm from the European Parliament and we're a team of European Parliament officials who are in the Czech Republic for 10 days, just to stimulate voting and participating in the next European Parliament election."

How many flags do you have on hand — you've got Czech and EU flags — how many are you prepared to give out.

"We have a lot. And we try to give both to each person. And we think those two flags go well together."